About us

E-commerce Fraud Prevention is not just our business - it's our obsession.
Our cutting edge tools, processes and technology, deliver approvals up to 98.5%.

Maximize your revenue today

FraudFix, a CardCash company, is an online fraud prevention tool with decades of industry experience. We provide a fully-automated verification platform and service with costs roughly 30-40% lower than any in-house solution.

Soon after CardCash was founded in 2009, we ran into major fraud issues. As a gift card marketplace in the high risk industry, this was a challenge we knew we had to meet. After lots of trial and error we came to the realization that there were no services available to solve our needs. With no choice left, we hired industry experts and built a custom fraud solution tailored for the unique needs of the gift card industry that has helped us become the largest gift card market place in the world.

Our fraud tools have served us well, powering major partnerships with Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more, and enabling CardCash to sell over $1 Billion worth of gift cards. That's Billion, with a capital "B".

In 2019 we partnered with eFraud Security, a company that pioneered credit card verification services. Over a decade later, they continue to lead the industry with rates as low as 8¢ per transaction and only a quarter percent for the optional guarantee.

CardCash eventually acquired eFraud Security and merged it with our custom solution. That technology, backed with 30 years of combined experience in fraud prevention, is now available to you.

Introducing FraudFix. FraudFix is a no-brainer - no setup fees, no monthly fees and no long-term contracts. We specialize in high volume B2B and B2C eCommerce merchants, brick and mortar retailers with a CNP or MOTO (mail order/ telephone order) channel, amongst a wide array of other industries. We service Credit Card Processors & IT Resellers.

Be Our Next Success Story

FraudFix helped P.C. Richard & Son automate over 90% of their order verification.

With FraudFix, Ashford watches saw their chargeback rates drop down to an astonishing 0.04%

Using FraudFix, Hotels.com together with CardCash were able to approve 32% more gift card exchange orders.