About us

E-commerce Fraud Prevention is not just our business - it's our obsession.
Our cutting edge tools, processes, and technology deliver approvals up to 98.5%.

Maximize your revenue today

FraudFix, formerly eFraud Security, was founded over a decade ago. We provide a fully-automated verification platform and service with costs roughly 30-40% lower than any in-house solution.

In fact, we pioneered credit card verification services. Over a decade later, we continue to lead the industry with rates as low as 8¢ per transaction and only a quarter percent for our optional guarantee. FraudFix is a no-brainer - no setup fees, no monthly fees and no long-term contracts.

We specialize in high volume B2B and B2C eCommerce merchants, brick and mortar retailers with a CNP or MOTO (mail order/ telephone order) channel, amongst a wide array of other industries. We service Credit Card Processors & IT Resellers.