Gift Card Fraud Solved A Billion times over

Let 30 years of gift card fraud work for you.

Our AI models see millions of gift card sales a year

No other fraud prevention tool has the gift card data we have, a bold claim but one that we make with 100% confidence.
In fraud prevention, the data makes all the difference. Soon after CardCash was founded in 2009 we ran into major fraud issues. As a secondary market in the high fraud-risk gift card industry, this was a challenge we knew we had to meet. And meet it we did. After partnering with eFraud Security, one of the most experienced fraud prevention tools on the market, FraudFix was born. Our 30 years of combined experience allows us to make the claim that no one knows gift card prevention like we do.

How we protect Fraud

False Positives
FraudFix’s digital and gift card fraud systems are sophisticated enough to avoid flagging legitimate orders that would be declined by typical fraud prevention tools.
Fraud Prevention
Gift card fraud prevention is a world all its own. That's why our decades of experienced fraud solutions will have no trouble identifying the sophisticated fraud commonly found in this vertical.
Digital Challenge
Detecting digital fraud without any of the typical markers of a physical order is increasingly difficult, don’t trust a fraud prevention tool that isn’t up to the challenge!

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