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8 Aug, 2019

Zero-Chargebacks MOTO/CNP Credit Card Processing – How is it accomplished?

The big names like PayPal Checkout and Amazon Payments are in the race to process card payments competitively and still offer the well acclaimed “Seller Protection” guarantee against fraudulent chargebacks. While this sounds very attractive to many CNP merchants, the Seller Protection guarantee does not apply to Mail-Order, Phone-Orders (MOTO) or transactions entered via their Virtual Terminals (VT). Both Amazon and PayPal utilize proprietary algorithms that analyze the shopper’s actions online. Without this valuable online data, otherwise known as Device Fingerprinting, they are not able to ensure that the transactions are fraud-free and certainly cannot offer a Seller Protection guarantee on MOTO transactions, for obvious reasons.

Many CNP merchants process as many as 22% of their transactions via MOTO and this ultimately exposes them to costly fraudulent chargebacks not covered under Seller Protection. This forces CNP merchants to scramble and seek alternate payment options and integrate additional costly fraud-screening tools (with or without guarantees). The Seller Protection guarantee is far too limited for many CNP merchants. Both PayPal and Amazon currently charge a whopping 2.9% for their card processing services which is a high price to pay for a MOTO merchant, considering that Seller Protection is not relevant to them.

The MOTO SafeGuard solution, fills this gap. For the same pricing, as traditional, competitive Credit Card Processing, it offers a fully automated, integrated, Zero-Chargeback MOTO Card Processing solution. Unlike Amazon and PayPal where the customer’s checkout process is done outside the eCommerce merchant’s web-server, increasing the risk of shopping cart abandonment, MOTO SafeGuard is a seamless, invisible-to-the-customer process. The MOTO SafeGuard solution is also available as a sand-alone that can work in conjunction with your current Credit Card Processor. (

Finally, MOTO merchants can sleep well...